Embedding AI in Everything:μW-level Neural Network Processor
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报告题目:Embedding AI in Everything:μW-level Neural Network Processor


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报告摘要: Deep neural networks (DNNs) have achieved great success in many applications of artificial intelligence (AI). To enable always-on and pervasive AI applications in mobile and IoT devices, ultra-low power neural network processors are required. With the progresses of both neural network algorithms and computing architectures, it is possible to design μW-level neural network processors. In this talk, we introduce Thinker processors which have the potential to embed AI in everything.

主讲人介绍Dr. Shouyi Yin is a professor and vice director of Institute of Microelectronics in Tsinghua University. His research interests include reconfigurable computing, domain-specific reconfigurable architecture design and high level synthesis. He has published more than 100 journal papers and more than 50 conference papers. He has received Second Prize of China’s State Technological Innovation Award (2015), China’s Patent Golden Award (2015), First Prize of Technological Innovation Award of Ministry of Education, China (2014), Second Prize of Science and Technology Advancement Award of Jiangxi Province, China (2014) and Best Paper Award in China Communications IC Technology and Application Conference (2011).

Dr. Shouyi Yin is the Secretary-General of EDA Chapter in Chinese Institute of Electronics. He is also the technical committee member of Asia Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association. Dr. Shouyi Yin has been served as program committee member and organizer in the tops VLSI and EDA conferences such as MICRO, A-SSCC, DAC, ICCAD and ASPDAC. He is the associate editor of IEEE TCASI-I, ACM TRETS, Elsevier Integration and editorial board member of Journal of Low Power Electronics.

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